Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia

The Simien Mountains is an area of highland in the northern part of Ethiopia, home to the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world.
The park was added to the World Heritage site list in 1978 with the total area of 190 km2. It has 57 tree species, variety of herbaceous plants, 22 large, 13 small mammals and about 180 bird species; from these Walia ibex, Ethiopian wolf, Menelik's Bushbuck and the Gelada baboon are endemic.

It is not just the species which call this national park home which make it a key element of any Ethiopia holiday, but the sheer drama of the landscapes which captivates all who tread it’s winding paths.  The rugged edges of the mountain sides undulate on the horizon & it seems as though Ethopia goes on forever. It seems as though Ethiopia is up there with the best hiking destinations in the world, as this National Park is almost it’s own Patagonia. The mountain formations are truly prehistoric and the image of dinosaurs roaming this land doesn’t seem so far removed from it’s rocky & wild reality.

The nickname the Simien Mountains has adopted as the Grand Canyon of Africa speaks for itself; we highly recommend a visit to this national park for lovers of the outdoors; it will blow you away.


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