Omo Valley, Ethiopia

The people of the Omo Valley live a fascinating existence and are truly a world apart from globalization. Residing in the south and not-so-easily-accessed depths of Ethiopia, a trip here is a great way to step back in time to a land which the world has bypassed. 
The tribes of the Omo Valley receive as few as 1,000 visitors per year, and as such, being lucky enough to get a peek into the traditional lives of the Omo tribes is a pretty singular thing. Those who do get to visit the tribes describe it as a truly one of a kind experience. It is fascinating to see different cultures and how they operate anywhere, but to see such a different culture is what makes this area of the world really alluring for the curious and the intrepid. 

The Omo Valley is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Aside from the fascinating culture which makes this region so fascinating, the Nech Sar National Park boasts many spectacular landscapes with mountain peaks, lakes, forests and even up to 100 mammal species. For birders, it is also an unbelievable place to visit as the Nechisar night jar, defined by many as the world’s rarest bird, can be seen in this region and this region only…

All in all, if you are interested in learning a bit about the culture of Ethiopia then you have to take a trip down to the deep southern lands of the country to fully discover it. 


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