Oman is the hidden jewel of the Arabian Peninsula.   Unlike its neighbors it has (for the most part) avoided the extraordinary urban expansion and stayed true to its natural heritage and culture.  Don’t think of Oman as a sprawl of high rise buildings, but as a country full of diversity boasting a perfect combination of tradition and luxury, destinations to relax with incredible golden beaches and untouched coastlines and areas to explore with desert and mountains for the more adventurous.  Its diversity offers a unique holiday to a relatively unexplored area of the world 

Oman's best activities

Camp under a desert sky
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Trekking in the Al Hajar Mountains
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Amazing watersports
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In the Capital Muscat you can spoil yourself in a world-class hotels, each will have a spa and private beach, making it an ideal location to begin your Oman Holiday.  Explore the bustling souks; visit the Sultans palace, Grand Mosque and Opera House or just relax on one of the numerous amazing beaches and restaurants.   Muscat on its own makes for a well spent long weekend!

For those who what to visit the Northern extremities of Oman, which is very do-able in conjunction with Dubai (only a two hour drive), look no further than the Masandam Peninsula; best known for its dramatic scenery, small fishing villages and stunning coastal fjords.  The Six Senses Zighy Bay is without question the best resort in this area, diving, snorkelling and watersports are available as well as boasting some ridiculously good coastal views.
Unbelievable adventure and experiences await those who travel into the interior of the country. Vibrant culture, incredible towering and rugged mountain ranges, hill top forts and date farms – incredible wadi’s cut through seemingly inhospitable landscapes creating oasis of lush greenness in contrast to its arid surroundings.

Explore the rolling sand dunes of the Wahiba sands desert where you can stay in traditional Bedouin tents – feel the immensity of the desert in a vehicle or especially on foot are incredibly exciting ways to witness the desert.  Further south are some incredible coastlines, where the dunes meet the Indian Ocean – amazing camps can be set up on empty beaches.  Further south lies the city of Salalah steeped in history and the gate way to the Empty Quarter – for the incredibly adventurous the largest sand desert in the world.

Oman: when to visit

Oman is a superb destination to visit to get some winter sun! It is hot all year round.  The best time to visit is between November to the end of March, when the days are reaching the high twenties – this is the time to come if you are looking at being more adventurous and spend some time in the mountains and the desert.  September and October and April and May are also good times to visit Oman, but it is definitely warming up with temperatures touching the early thirties.  By the end of May, June, July and August we would recommend not to visit Oman, it is when it is so hot you have to spend a large amount of time in the shade  - or even better, air conditioning as the temperature reaches the forty degree mark quite regularly!  During this hot period however, Salalah becomes the most visited destination in Oman, due to its unique monsoon – a large percentage of locals travel to Salalah in summer time.

Oman: getting around

Oman is very reachable with direct flights from London with Oman Air.  Or for a slightly cheaper flight, there are short stops in Dubai, Bahrain or Zurich.  Flying time is approx. 7 hours and at quite sensible hours making a long weekend very do-able. When in Muscat driving is the way to the see the country and explore its mountains, coastline and desert.  There is a flight to Salalah, but other than that there are no internal flights.


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