J Hales

I’d have to say it would be difficult to pick one specific highlight.
From day one on Zanzibar it was beautiful just what we needed after the wedding,
even down to the flower arrangements on the bed.
The staff/guides and management everywhere we went were more than helpful.
We especially liked the Riverbed meals at night at Mwagusi, truly amazing to eat under such a beautiful sky with such good company.

I guess ultimately the animals are the stars of the show. The Lions though lazy have so much character, I could have taken photo’s all day, and the Elephants are so much more protective and graceful than you could ever imagine compared to seeing them in a zoo.
The Hyena’s crunching through a buffalo carcass was quite a sight and the African hunting dogs too with their 7 pups.
But each and everything we saw was amazing in its own way.

The one other outstanding thing to draw from the trip was the land itself, it’s difficult to explain to people when we tell them.
It’s just a place you have to see for yourself, the miles and miles of dried yellow grass and dusty earth with splashes of green and brown of the trees and bushes. Yet there’s so much beauty in the landscape and its inhabitants.
It is vast and we saw just a fraction of it.

And finally Ras Kutani could not have ended the trip better… relaxing and massage’s, eating and drinking.

Rambled on a bit there but take it from me you and everyone involved did a fantastic job, hope to travel with you again.

Wishing you all the very best.
J Hales 2009

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