M Mioni 2013 (USA)

We just returned late last night from an absolutely wonderful, seamless trip organized by you.  Thanks so very, very much!!  We are exhausted since our flight home (arranged by me) via British Air ended up with a 6 hour delay in London due to some landing gear mechanical problems.  Thus, we arrived home much later than expected and are dragging this morning here in Los Angeles.  Consequently, I shall send a more detailed review in a few days once we are back to normal.  Just wanted you to know we loved the trip and especially loved King’s Pool and Mombo.  At Mombo we had brilliant wildlife viewing including the elusive coupling of two gorgeous leopards (a rare sight according to our 5 star guide), a baby giraffe trying to stand within an hour of birth, a pride of lions feasting  on the sad remains of a buffalo (quite an interaction there among the lions) and so many other unbelievable sights. We enjoyed the company of many enjoyable people we met, ate well, rested well and just had an A+ time.  Many thanks and I’ll be more explicit in my next e-mail once rested. For now, I just wanted to say thank you so much, Edward.  Marcee

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