Africa Odyssey Testimonials

D. Arnett, USA 2018

Hey George,


We had a great experience with Duma and both places we stayed. I’d give everything a 5 out of 5. Couldn’t have asked for better food, accommodations or friendlier staff. Everything went smoothly and I honestly don’t think there is anything I would have changed. I also want to mention that we really enjoyed our guide, Banana. He did a great job and I would highly recommend anyone to use him in the future.


Thanks for everything,


A. Leet, UK 2018


We had a wonderful time and we will definitely refer you to those interested in a safari.

We had an amazing time and will never forget it!

Thank you

Amber & Stephen Leet

C. Kaminker U.S.A, 2018

We had an absolutely fantastic time in Tanzania! We were very pleased with how the trip was organized. Joseph and Emmanuel were excellent guides! We also loved the camp out in Serengeti. Kirurumu did a fantastic job. All of our transportation and flights went well.

We saw the big 5 which was a real treat, as well as many lions! Visiting the Serengeti was a trip of a lifetime.

We rate the overall trip a 5. Thank you for putting this together for us. We would recommend Africa Odyssey in the future.

Kitty, it was great working with you! Too bad we didn’t cross paths in Africa!


Caryn and Mike

D. Trice USA, 2018

I wanted to send you a short note to tell you that we had another amazing safari. Seeing the migration in the southern Serengeti plains really allows one to see the overwhelming scope of the migration of wildebeest and zebra herds. At times the herds went on almost as far as the eye could see.

The Kusini area was filled with game, both the herds and predators. We saw pretty much everything- 30+lions (including 2 young lions in a tree), several cheetah (and a successful hunt), leopards, well over 100 hyena, a RHINO!, dogs, and even a croc in a seasonal watering hole. I could go on and on.

At Serian South in the Conservation Unit, there are far fewer predators (although we did find 3 cheetah brothers and separately a mom and 3 young cubs) but the herds were vast and the birthing season, which had not really started at Kusini, started exploding. We saw multiple live births and more babies appeared hourly. Really incredible to watch a baby wildebeest get to its feet and be running in 3-5 minutes.

I favored Kusini because I like the predators but I’m glad we went to both camps because of the calving. Also, Alex was at Serian and he is fun to be around. You should make sure your clients understand the difference in the 2 camps, especially regarding the presence of predators. I would always do more time at Kusini but one does have to deal with nasty tsetse flies there. I had several bites but consider it a small price for the experience. And I could have been more prepared. Gary and Linda were and got no bites but they were at Kusini for a short time. BTW, they has a great time on their initial safari.

M. Rundo U.S.A, 2017

The entire trip has been wonderful. Everything ran smoothly and we’d like to thank you for organising everything so well. What really impressed us was Fanjove island. First of all we would like to thank Scott for suggesting it. Without him we would have never found out about its existence. Thank you again for everything. We will recommend you to our friends.

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