November 2014

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White, Singapore, 2014

We had an absolutely terrific time, thank you.  Everything went very smoothly – all the internal flights worked well and the three places we stayed were all great.  Beho Beho especially was incredible – everything there was so well organised, the place was beautiful and the food was delicious and very plentiful!  The guides there were great and very knowledgeable.  It was definitely the highlight of our trip.  Kilindi was very good – we actually rather liked the beach there, which we had been warned wasn’t very good.  The manager of Kilindi is rather creepy, but everything else was perfect – including our amazingly nice and helpful butler, Deo.  Ras Kutani wasn’t super exciting but it was a good stop over for a few days while we unwound post-wedding.  I wouldn’t rush back there, though.

All in all we had a great time and we didn’t have any problems with any of the arrangements you had made – thanks very much indeed.

Henschke, USA, 2014

Overall the trip was amazing. We ha a great time at Beho Beho. The accommodations, staff and safaris were just perfect. We had no complaints there and I would highly recommend them for others going.

Zanzibar was also great. My only criticism was that I had no idea how far matemwe retreat was from the airport. The place was very nice and we loved our villa and butler so I don’t know if it would have changed my mind, but it felt like a very far drive.

I wish I could say I was traveling again in 6 months, but I will definitely recommend you to people I know.

Lipschitz, USA, 2014

We had a lovely trip. The highlight was Beho Beho, It is an amazing place, everything about it was perfect. Jongomero was also great and had we not been to Beho Beho first we would have thought it was perfect. Oyster Bay was also wonderful. Very accommodating an excellent stop at the beginning an end of our trip. Ras Kutani was very nice but not anywhere near the level of the other stops.

R. Hamilton, 2013 (USA)


I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for your help in planning a fantastic honeymoon.  Your recommendations and information were spot-on.

Beho Beho and Baraza were fantastic.  During our time at Beho Beho, we had the good fortune of meeting Sarah Bailey, wife of the late Christopher Bailey who originally developed the safari camp as a retreat for family and friends.  She was full of stories and added immeasurably to the experience there, where it felt as if all guests were welcomed like family.  The quality of the guiding at Beho Beho was excellent, and we enjoyed getting to know the guides and staff better by sharing stories during meals and relaxing in the common area over a game of snooker.  We also enjoyed the variety of activities – from the walking safaris to numerous game drive destinations (Beho Beho River, Lake Manze, etc.) and the day trip to Lake Tagalala.  We had the distinct pleasure of tracking and, ultimately, spotting a black rhino in the bush while on walking safari with Walter and Saning’o.  Other guests had great things to say about their night out at “The Treehouse.”  The staff at Baraza also went over and above to make sure that our time there was relaxing and enjoyable.  In particular, the beach lunch was a wonderful treat.  The experience at Baraza was a great taste of luxury after “roughing it” on safari.


Each location did a great job of trying to address Lynne’s dietary restrictions and was otherwise ready and willing to cater to pretty much any request, reasonable or otherwise.

Coastal Aviation is also to be recognized for their efforts.  The flights ran smoothly, but what deserves additional comment is their help on ground transfers.  Upon our arrival in Dar es Salaam, we were informed by the staff at the Royal Palm (now called the Serena) that they would be unable to accommodate us due to some government dignitaries who extended their stay.  After dropping us off, the representative from Coastal checked back to make sure that check-in went smoothly.  Seeing that there was a problem, the driver spoke with the front desk to ensure that alternative accommodations had been arranged and then transported us to the other hotel.  Similarly, upon arrival back at Dar’s domestic airport from Zanzibar, the baggage attendant was quick to point out that he had called the shuttle bus driver for us so we didn’t resort to over-priced taxis for the transfer to the international airport.

In general, we were impressed with how seamlessly all of the transfers were handled, including those on Zanzibar.  The drivers there took good care of us as well.  One thing to note:  Zanzibar airport requires paper tickets (or at least a copy of your itinerary) to move through security.  The driver helped us get documentation from the Coastal Aviation office, but it might help to have copies of the confirmation from Coastal Aviation for travelers in the future.

All-in-all, Lynne and I came back from Tanzania with memories that will last a lifetime and have already begun thinking about our next safari holiday!

Best regards,


R. Hamilton, 2013 (USA)


D. Trice, 2012, USA

I just wanted to let you know that our group had a fantastic trip and that all the arrangements you made for us were perfect. The highlights of the trip were the stays at Serian and Beho Beho, the latter being the favorite of the ladies. The Crater and Manyara were predictably crowded but we had a good day in the Crater. We spent 3 nights in Stone Town on Zanzibar and all agreed that one night there would have been better.
My favorite place was Alex’s Serian camp and we enjoyed having Alex as our guide. The days were long (6:30 am til dark) but we saw some incredible things. The highlights were:
– a huge male water buffalo walking straight through a pride of 15 lions at twilight to get to his watering hole. He had no fear of the lions who gave some thought to an attack but without males around, they wisely avoided a contest.
– 2 Mara River crossings and another tributary crossing
– a cheetah kill of a Thompson’s gazelle
– a leopard catching the early morning sun on a high rock. Later, a lion appeared on the rock above the leopard. The leopard was quite aware of the newcomer but the rocks were screened by shrubs and it did not appear the lioness was aware of the leopard. We watched the leopard climb down the rocks and later into a tree.
– some of our group also saw a rhino
– lots and lots of elephant and obviously 1000’s of wildebeest.

At Beho Beho highlights were:
– tracking lion prints and finding 5 lions on a very recent kill of a small giraffe
– birds at Lake Tagalala
– walking trips away from the lodge and getting within 15 meters of an elephant
– finding a leopard on the way back to the lodge after sundowners
– a lion walking through the camp one evening and letting us know of his presence
– a group of 8 elephants who visited the camp daily. The herd included 2 very young elephants and they were a joy to watch. We shot a short film of them from the shower in our banda.
– the accommodations at Beho Beho were luxurious and service and food (thanks Karin) were outstanding. As mentioned, the all the women loved Beho Beho including the more relaxed pace where you return to the lodge for lunch and avoid the mid day heat. This makes sense but I would have liked the option to stay out and would have liked more time to explore around Lake Manze where we saw lots of game and lions.

All in all a fabulous trip which was greatly enjoyed by all 13 in our group. Thanks for all your assistance.

D. Trice, 2012, USA

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