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Darbourne, 2014, UK

Hi Tom,

I’m not sure if Lizzie has written to you but I wanted to write and let you know that the trip was a great success.

Your suggestion of Lake Manze was really excellent. We both absolutely loved it and felt that the open nature of the camp really suited the experience. We were hugely comfortable throughout and felt the four days was good value for money. We loved being some close to everything and being totally immersed in the safari experience. I think, if money were no object we could have stayed there for the whole two weeks.

Over on Zanzibar then, again, Sunshine, was a really great choice. We didn’t quite work out that the half board nature of it meant that our evening meal was included! On the first night we headed off to a local restaurant. It was only a small matter as the second night we dined in and I was very delighted when the mega valentines seafood buffet bill arrived at about a tenner each which incuded our wine and drinks etc… It’s a lovely hotel and the local feel was excellent as well. Snorkelling was brill as well.

Nungwi was good fun too. Zanzibar as a whole does have a certain sadness to it I feel. It’s a beautiful place but you really feel that life is hard for many people there…as with Africa as a whole really. The local towns are in quite bad shape and it’s funny to see so many tourists not even keen to leave their hotels at all. The local seafood is definitely a highlight and we ate so well for the fortnight.

We had a brilliant holiday and are both now keen on saving up for our next safari in about ten years time!! Or maybe sooner if some big plays come good.

Thanks for all your efforts on our behalf.

Huge reiteration from me Tom, and apologies,…. emailing you to say Thank you has been on my to do list since we got back. I thought it was magical and I couldn’t have imagined how much I loved the safari. Totally worth it and I can’t wait to go back.

We’ll be passing your detail along at dinner parties 🙂 Hope all very well with you and thank you again for your patience and sensible advice!


Longstaff, UK, 2014

Our trip to Tanzania was fantastic; a great success. The two camps we used, Lake Manze in the Selous and Jongomero in the Ruaha, were both, in their own different ways, outstanding; camp management, people, accommodation, food, all terrific. Transport was first class, and great fun; we were able to spend pretty much all day exploring alone with our guide (in surprisingly, but very welcome, ‘open’ comfort). With the amount you can see on TV these days there was a slight concern that we would have felt ‘familiar’ with everything; but the reality was, to my delight, that everything was just enthralling. No bored kids at any point! And although we had expected elephants and other wildlife visitors at the camps (from the pre-trip information) the actual experience was thrilling and occasionally hilarious!

Wildlife could have been generally more prolific, but there was always something to interest or entertain us, and we saw enough of the varied and big African game to not be disappointed. This was our first safari experience and although I would certainly like to return to see the big expansive grasslands, the migratory herds and all the dramas they attract, we all had a wonderful experience.

Internal flights, though occasionally long, were all part of the experience which I thoroughly enjoyed, and although my youngest daughter started out pretty terrified I think by the end she was comfortably elephant spotting as we swooped down to the runways.

Yes a great trip; I will be back for the herds of Wildebeest!

R. Hamilton, 2013 (USA)


I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for your help in planning a fantastic honeymoon.  Your recommendations and information were spot-on.

Beho Beho and Baraza were fantastic.  During our time at Beho Beho, we had the good fortune of meeting Sarah Bailey, wife of the late Christopher Bailey who originally developed the safari camp as a retreat for family and friends.  She was full of stories and added immeasurably to the experience there, where it felt as if all guests were welcomed like family.  The quality of the guiding at Beho Beho was excellent, and we enjoyed getting to know the guides and staff better by sharing stories during meals and relaxing in the common area over a game of snooker.  We also enjoyed the variety of activities – from the walking safaris to numerous game drive destinations (Beho Beho River, Lake Manze, etc.) and the day trip to Lake Tagalala.  We had the distinct pleasure of tracking and, ultimately, spotting a black rhino in the bush while on walking safari with Walter and Saning’o.  Other guests had great things to say about their night out at “The Treehouse.”  The staff at Baraza also went over and above to make sure that our time there was relaxing and enjoyable.  In particular, the beach lunch was a wonderful treat.  The experience at Baraza was a great taste of luxury after “roughing it” on safari.


Each location did a great job of trying to address Lynne’s dietary restrictions and was otherwise ready and willing to cater to pretty much any request, reasonable or otherwise.

Coastal Aviation is also to be recognized for their efforts.  The flights ran smoothly, but what deserves additional comment is their help on ground transfers.  Upon our arrival in Dar es Salaam, we were informed by the staff at the Royal Palm (now called the Serena) that they would be unable to accommodate us due to some government dignitaries who extended their stay.  After dropping us off, the representative from Coastal checked back to make sure that check-in went smoothly.  Seeing that there was a problem, the driver spoke with the front desk to ensure that alternative accommodations had been arranged and then transported us to the other hotel.  Similarly, upon arrival back at Dar’s domestic airport from Zanzibar, the baggage attendant was quick to point out that he had called the shuttle bus driver for us so we didn’t resort to over-priced taxis for the transfer to the international airport.

In general, we were impressed with how seamlessly all of the transfers were handled, including those on Zanzibar.  The drivers there took good care of us as well.  One thing to note:  Zanzibar airport requires paper tickets (or at least a copy of your itinerary) to move through security.  The driver helped us get documentation from the Coastal Aviation office, but it might help to have copies of the confirmation from Coastal Aviation for travelers in the future.

All-in-all, Lynne and I came back from Tanzania with memories that will last a lifetime and have already begun thinking about our next safari holiday!

Best regards,


R. Hamilton, 2013 (USA)


Barton Family, 2013 UK


We had a really marvellous time and the kids loved every minute of it.


Lake Manze Camp

We enjoyed our stay at Lake Manze hugely.  I have been on Safari a number of times, but seeing Elephants strolling through the middle of the camp on a daily basis is an experience I will never forget.


Lake Manze had the big advantage of the relative seclusion of Selous while still providing plenty of opportunities to see the game.  The camp holds a maximum of around 24 people, so it was intimate and friendly.  The staff are marvellous in the camp and knowledgeable and helpful on the drives/trips (thanks, Victor and Emanuel, you were stars).  We were able to choose our own itinerary each day from a number of options and took in drives, boat trips (including fishing) and a walking safari.  Having breakfast and lunch in the bush is a great experience and we did so whenever possible.


This was the first Safari I had been on with my entire family, which encompasses 10, 13, 19 and 23 year-olds.  I have never seen them all looking happy for so long, although it was a shame that the youngest could not go on the walking Safari.


Anyone looking for real 5 star accommodation will be disappointed by Lake Manze.  However, it is very comfortable and more than came up to our expectations.


Tim Barton and family


Echo Beach

Anyone looking for a relaxing time on a tropical beach will find Echo Beach ideal.  The big advantage from our perspective was the size.  There is only room for a maximum of around 20 guests, so it is intimate and easy to find somewhere to sit or lounge even when full, as it was towards the end of our stay.   The surroundings are not manicured lawns, but raked sand and shrubs, which I thought really made the place.  We had children with us and they were made to feel welcome at all times.


Andrew and Sue were perfect hosts, constantly checking that we did not have any problems and helping whenever we needed something.  However, the biggest surprise was the food.  I have stayed in many 5 star hotels and never had such excellent food on a consistent basis.  There was a decent choice, even when we were more or less the only people there, but whatever we chose was good.


The beach is almost a cliché, with white sand, blue sea and even a horizontal palm tree.  High tide gave great swimming in the Indian Ocean and low tide provided great walking opportunities out towards the reef.


Tim Barton and family

V. Kite, 2012, Australia

Hi Ed,

Will give some more specific feedback sometime later this week.

Game viewing was excellent…so much so that after the first 7 days Marg looked at me and said, “well, what else is there to see? What are we going to do for the next 3 weeks??”

As you would expect, we saw lions everywhere – as usual, lying around looking fat and doing nothing! I think we saw lions at every camp/lodge (except Mahale and Ras Kutani of course – he he!). The lions were so inactive we got excited when they even did so much as stand up. However, did catch lions mating at two places.

Plenty of leopard sightings (three separate sighting at Ruaha) and cheetahs (Ruaha and Tarangire) also. Saw wild dogs both days at Lake Manze. The chimps were amazing – if I were to tell you that we even got an extra chimp viewing session when they came into camp the morning we were leaving, you wouldn’t charge me extra would you??

In the Serengeti, we saw our first crossing 5 minutes after being picked up from the airstrip when we casually drove down to the river for a quick look – nobody else there either, as they were crossing north to south, so no one had been watching for them. Saw a huge crossing each day…got sick of all the death and destruction. The migration was in full swing in the area when we were there.

No rhino sightings unfortunately – never mind.


. food and various ‘experiences’ created by the Beho Beho team (lowlight – how much weight I put on).
. wild dogs (my favourites) at Lake Manze
. overall game viewing at Ruaha – definitely the best overall game viewing of the whole trip, aided by an excellent guide (Joffrey)
. Mahale and Lake Tanganyika – everything about it! – the camp, the chimps, the varied experiences and things to do, and above all the wonderful guides there
. Serengeti – the lodge (Lamai)…particularly the pool! Sighting of a male leopard right on dusk…then hearing another leopard call in the distance, and witnessing the male leopard cab reuniting with his mother
. Tarangire – night drive, and the wonderful relaxed atmosphere created by our favourite managers, Ken and Michelle (strangely enough, who happened to be fellow Aussies)
. Ngorongoro – such a wonderful surprise when Peter turned up on our first night there to be our butler at the Crater Lodge – he came back especially for the two days in the middle of his leave just for us; wine and cheese out on Marg’s deck overlooking the Crater is an experience I’ll never forget
. Ras Kutani – an absolutely perfect, relaxing way to end. So glad we went here rather than to Zanzibar
. made some great friends in our travels


V. Kite, 2012, Australia

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