September 2011

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N Sheard

A million apologies for not getting back to you sooner.   I came straight back in to horrific16 hour days at work without a second to breathe.

So – We had a completely BRILLIANT time – and can’t thank you enough for the recommendations.

Mwagusi was amazing – so worth the extra money.  We couldn’t believe how prolific the wildlife was and had some incredible experiences in our banda including a male lion growling about 5 metres from our heads when were in bed one night and a herd of elephants coming and wallowing right outside our banda.  Really up close and personal with the wildlife and wonderful staff, food  – everything really.

Manze – we also had a super time. Elephants by the tent every morning and some great lion feeding frenzies.  We also got to see the wild dogs which was a real treat.  Camp had a very different feel to Mwagusi – much younger, bit less structured  – but we felt very well looked after.

Ras Kutani – was a little slice of paradise.  The thing we loved was it captured perfectly the relaxed yet attentive attitude you want in that kind of holiday.  The suite was a treat and we are already plotting our return there.

One thing I think it might be worth while warning people about is the unpredictability of the internal flights – just so they are prepared  We had one jounrey where a couple of extra stops were added on which meant instead of arriving just after lunch we didn’t get to Manze until 5pm ish.  We had no food  and water had run out and were absolutely starving and vv thirsty.  Might just be worthwhile warning people these things can happen (this is Africa darling!)  so they can be prepared.  I wouldn’t have minded at all if I’d been pre-warned!

I attached just a a few of the 700 odd photos for you.   We have some amazing ones.  Let me know if you want any more for your website etc – I guess Dan might consent without royalties 😉

Thanks again for your help.  We are thinking possibly gorillas in Rwanda next year.  Do you go there?

N Sheard 2007

N Ansari

Hello Julian,

Sorry for the delay in writing… Monica and I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic trip.  We absolutely loved both Mwagusi and Beho Beho, and Ras Kutani and Nungwi were also excellent.

Chris Fox at Mwagusi, what a facinating person. I loved hearing of his experiences – he seems to be a local legend. The camp was very nice and the game was excellent.

Beho Beho – beautiful place, couldn’t ask for nicer.  The game wasn’t quite as good, but that was no one’s fault of course… Personally I think the combination of these two places is perfect. Beho Beho is a bit more plush, which Monica loved, while Mwagusi is a bit more rustic, a bit more no nonsense safari which I thought was great… Additionally, the guides were excellent – very knowledgable and patient, and also passionate and protective of the land and the wildlife.

And Ras Nungwi – a beautiful place with unbelievable location – perfect way to finish up.

We may be referring someone to you shortly…

Many thanks,

N Ansari 2007

D Shafer


Thanks for arranging a fantastic trip!
We enjoyed the Sand Rivers Lodge and Mwagusi very much.  Sand Rivers was exceptional because we had a private guide for just the two of us, the opportunity to take a boat trip upriver and do some fishing in addition to the standard game drives was also a nice change.
The number and diversity of game that we saw at both places exceeded my expectations!
The treehouses at Chole Minji were also quite unique.

I have attached a few of my best photos for you to see.
Thanks again for a great trip!

D Shafer 2006

P Bullick

Dear Marc and Julian

I am just writing to report our impressions of our Tanzania trip 19 August/4 September.

It was magic – not just up to our expectations but well beyond.  Each camp and park complemented the others, becoming more specialised, always with lots of game and without the distraction of other tourists.  Everywhere the standards of guiding, accommodation, food and service were absolutely first class.

Ras Kutani was idyllic.  A honeymooner’s paradise – we were treated like honeymooners after 42 years of marriage!  Either TO has considerable influence or they really thought we were honeymooners because we had one of two new beautiful secluded suites high up overlooking the tree canopy and the sea, with a ten foot bed, two verandahs and our own pool.  Charming service and good food – altogether an absolute delight.

Mwagusi in Ruaha was an ideal introduction to safari.  The camp is very comfortable, the guiding superb, the countryside very varied, and a huge quantity and variety of game.  Our only minor grumble relating to the whole trip is that they seemed a little disorganised.  As our plane from RK was delayed 4 hours, it was almost dark when we arrived for our first safari ever.  We were met on arrival by an assistant manager, taken to our banda, five minutes walk from the central area, and simply told that someone would fetch us at 7.30 for drinks and dinner and that we must not leave on our own
– no other explanation whatsoever about anything.  As a result we were totally disorientated until the next morning.  From then on however we had a marvellous time.

Katavi was quite different.  The drying up flood plain had huge herds of buffalo (one of over 3,000) and lots of hippo, crocs, zebra, giraffe, lions, etc.  We discovered that after the first night we would be the only guests.
This might have been a little awkward but it was in fact quite the opposite.
Manie the young Afrikaner manager’s bushcraft was unparalleled, and he was a great host.  He, Apollo, and the other six staff catered to our every whim with great cheerfulness – no need to fit in with other guests’ plans.  We will never forget our surprise sundowners way out in the bush at the end of a walking safari!  The only problem at Katavi was some particularly determined tsetse flies!

As everyone told us we would, we loved Mahale.  Chimps galore, many of whom did not understand the 10 metre rule!  The place was beautiful and laid back, with very entertaining and imaginative young hosts in Edward and Donna.  I shall long remember snorkelling in Lake Tanganyika – thousands of cichlids in crystal clear water – and diving for giant freshwater mussels for supper, to be greeted with champagne on our return.  And there was no bar bill whatsoever!

All in all, we had the time of our lives.  This was to a large part due to your advice, organisation, and I suspect, influence.  It appears that out there Tanzania Odyssey is a highly thought of name.  Everything ran like clockwork apart from the one plane delay, and all without any tickets!  In hindsght it is difficult to see how it could have been improved, and it met exactly our criteria of abundant game in natural surroundings without crowds, with real variation in terrain and camps.  The surprise was that the birdlife was almost as fascinating as the big game.

As you will probably gather, we enjoyed ourselves!  This was very largely due to your advice and organisation, which we appreciate greatly.  It was worth every penny.

Very many thanks from both of us.

Regards and best wishes

P Bullick 2006

Lucy & Chris

Hi Julian, Marc,

Thought I would just drop you a note to let you know that our trip was absolutely awesome!Without a doubt it was the best trip we have ever had, and I just wanted to thank T.O for all the expert advice and arrangement making!

The safari lodges were superb,we found it really hard to say which we preferred as we loved them both for very different reasons! If you’re after any specific feedback on lodges…

Mwagusi – The warmest welcome we have had anywhere in the world I think!
Dinner under the stars = an experience that really differentiates it. A couple of minor issues (e.g. lights not working, lack of hot water) were instantly resolved, so magnificent service

Selous – Beautiful rooms, amazing fly camp experience (you could maybe make more of this, a lot of people who were thinking of it seemed quite unsure about what it involved but it was truly wonderful!)

Mafia – beautiful place, great chef, great diving, quite windy!

The only thing I would say is that while the arrangements were totally seamless and everyone else knew exactly where we were supposed to be and with who, we could have done with a little bit more info on the itinerary (e.g. that there is a Kinasi office at Dar airport/that we would get a Kinasi plane etc – we were a bit confused when we didn’t get our Mafia tickets from Coastal!)

Anyway, that was just a small point, we would recommend T.O. to anyone, and perhaps we will even return for our real honeymoon one day!! (and yes, we did get a lot of teasing about that particular typo on the itinerary!)

Perhaps I will send you a photo of the cheetah and tiny cubs we followed for a day when we get our pics back!!

Thanks again,

Lucy & Chris 2005

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