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Vumbura Plains

Vumbura Plains has a great setting overlooking a floodplain of bulrushes and papyrus; the lodge is charming.  We like this camp for its spaciousness.  You really feel like you have your own little house in the bush.  The rooms are great and the main areas offer 360 degree views.  The game here is incredibly varied and its position in the Delta permits a wide range of activities. The game is VERY good and the rooms, complete with virtually everything you could ever need, are fantastic.  So if you want luxury and have the budget then it is a good option but if you want something less luxurious and smaller, then Little Vumbura is a good choice.


Vumbura Plains Rates:
$2723 per person

Our rating:

Client rating:
[100% based on 2 reviews]

Vumbura Plains - The Details

Vumbura Plains is on a private concession leased from the local community and sits in the North of the Okavango Delta.  The region has a variety of habitats, making the wildlife diverse and the range of activities extensive.  The camp is made of 2 main camps, North and South, which are completely separate and in total they make up a stretch of 1.8 km.
North and South camp are identical and share the same views.  When in one camp, you don’t get the feeling that there is another just next door.  The main area is a huge flat deck, open on all sides, with a very high roof.  In the centre is a 360 degree bar surrounded by stools and to either side of it is a sunken lounge area with a few sofas.  There is also a small library and a computer for clearing memory space for the all important pictures.  Like most camps in the Delta, there is no internet.
The rooms are spread out, well away from one another and completely closed off to anyone passing by.  They look out over a large flood plain, very often covered; and in Lechwe if you sit in your private sala or swimming pool for long enough you may even get a big bull elephant pass in front and cross the water.  The rooms must be 9m x 12m with an equally sized outdoor decking, with an outdoor shower under the stars.  The rooms have a lounge area in one corner, a massive bed in another and the bathroom spreads over the remaining two corners.
Game wise, it is always a good idea including Vumbura with a Botswana Safari - It is home to a good number of cheetah and has a great balance between dry and wet areas and activities.  The dry areas also attract large amount of sable and big herds of buffalo.  Bird life is also superb as the variety in landscape changes constantly throughout the concession.


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