Alternative African Experiences: Namibia

5th October 2011

Namibia is not normally the first choice that springs to mind when booking an African safari holiday but with spectacular scenery (including the world’s largest sand dunes and oldest desert) and a fantastic selection of wildlife to spot, it’s definitely a great choice if you’re looking for a more alternative wildlife adventure.

Home to the world’s only sand-dwelling lions and desert rhinos and elephants, Damaraland is a great location to study how these animals have adapted to the rocky dry environment.  It’s true to say that a Namibia safari is completely different to the in hotspots including Botswana, Tanzania or Zambia due to the desert setting but is an overall exciting and completely unique experience.  Accommodation hotspots for those wanting to catch the unique species in Damaraland include:

  • Damaraland Camp – an award-winning eco-tourism camp which offers spectacular views over the Huab River where the vast majority of desert elephants conjugate.  Walking and driving safaris are available.
  • Desert Rhino Camp – situated in the private Palmwag Concession, this reserve is home to the largest free-roaming population of black rhinos in the whole of Africa.  Guides show guests how to track the rhinos on foot.