What you should look for when choosing your luxury safari accommodation

29th October 2018

Best wildlife locations

One of our main criteria when selecting our favourite camps and lodges throughout Africa is that they are in the best possible wildlife viewing areas. In our view, we would much rather send you to a lodge focused on wildlife experience (without compromising on luxury!) in one of the best spots in the park, than look to a rather soulless option outside the park gates. A huge part of the safari experience happens in camp, where you fall asleep to the lively African soundscape… You may hear grazing outside your room, or relax into sleep to the buzzing of crickets, and the odd howl of a hyena, or the roar of a lion miles away – whatever it may be, the African bush never sounds the same, and to not stay inside a park on your safari robs you so many unique experiences which could be enjoyed in the luxury of absolute wilderness. Often also, some parks can get busy with other vehicles – we know the best little lodges and camps which hide you away from the bustle of tourism yet still benefit from the same exceptional wildlife…

What you should look for when choosing your luxury safari accommodation

The best guides

When choosing your lodge or camp, no matter how many luxuries you have (and on safari, the possibilities are truly endless), if you do not choose accommodation which makes amazing guiding a priority, you will not get an exceptional safari experience. There are a few owner-ran camps who are all about the guiding and safari experience, some bigger companies who pride themselves on hiring only the best guides on the continent, and then there are others which cater for solid walls, all out luxury and shoddy guiding…. We can guide you to avoid the latter! Don’t worry though, if luxuries are also a priority you definitely do not have to compromise on this to get an unbelievable guide – there are so many options which combine unrivalled luxury and guiding seamlessly for what we would say is probably the most spoiling holiday in the world.

What you should look for when choosing your luxury safari accommodation

Views from your room

Often raised lodges and camps can give you some of incredible sweeping views and probably some of the most memorable sunsets of your life. However, it is not all about grand views, but make sure you are can sit out outside your room and have the opportunity for a bit of bush television – it may be a little lagoon which attracts thirsty elephants, the mighty Zambezi where hippos chuckle into the night, or even a secret bushy paradise where the trees are alive with vibrant birdlife – whatever your channel, blink and the scene will chance. As you can tell, we love lodges and camps where you can get a safari experience even when you are not on a game drive…  So choose wisely!


Your preference of luxury when on a safari doesn’t affect the authenticity of your experience – whether you are after a rustic, tented and classic safari experience, or hot tubs, private pools and solid walls – it is important to choose a lodge or camp which blends seamlessly in with it’s wild surroundings. From the pimpest accommodation in the world, to the wildest and most homely, we know the best ones to give you the full safari experience. We would suggest avoiding big chain hotels as we think they detract from the intimate experience which safari holidays are so fantastic at. If you choose the smaller lodges and camps, you will get a personal experience quite like no other – until you have been on safari at one of our favourite camps, either rustic or completely over the top, you will not know the meaning of a home away from home!

Great deals…

Now when looking at luxury safari accommodation, there is no ignoring the cost. Luckily, with certain camp combinations and carefully crafting your itinerary to sit in shoulder season can mean you benefit from free nights, bringing the cost of your trip significantly down… Ask us for the best deals in Africa – don’t worry though, we only recommend quality accommodation which we have personally vetted so we would never compromise on your priorities in order bring the cost down.

There are so many options, but have a browse of our website for some more information on our favourite safari lodges on the continent and give us a ring if you are stuck – happy planning!