I missed the Great Migration because I forgot my binoculars

12th April 2018

We think there is nothing more important than choosing a good pair of binoculars for your safari. Why?

So you have paid for your trip, you have your dream lodges in the bag and are all set for your holiday of a lifetime. You get on your first game drive, ecstatic to see wildlife, your guide points out a swish of a tail in the distance… A leopard. You squint your eyes, only to find that for all you can see, it could just be an animated branch. Dammit, don’t you wish you had just got some good binoculars?!

Choosing good quality binoculars is also important. There is nothing more irritating than missing our on wildlife action whilst fiddling with adjusting your hopelessly blurry lenses – for an African safari, a good pair of binos is so important…!

For help choosing some great quality friend-for-life binoculars, please see this article which gives you all you need to know about binos for an African Safari.

Main image ©Shutterstock