Prince Harry heads to Africa

13th July 2015

Prince Harry ended his 10 year Army career today and next week will be packing his bags and following in his brother’s footsteps by heading out to Africa for a 3 month stint on the ‘front line’ on wildlife conservation travelling across Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania and Botswana where the emphasis will be focused on Rhino and Elephant protection.

His brother William is a patron of the charity Tusk and shares Harry’s passion for the conservation of the continent, and this year has escalated the poaching crisis on the agenda of the presidents in the US and China. He has also had numerous trips to Africa including his proposal and honeymoon in Kenya and North island in the Seychelles respectively.

The Prince will be working alongside all aspects of conservation from being part of the rapid response units, heading out in search of the poachers, to working together with the Vet and support staff who help to save animals that have been victims of poaching attacks and now also looking at how new technology can be used to aid the park rangers catching the culprits with drone technology.

This will be no holiday for Harry, sleeping out in the wild and living in basic accommodation but his hands on experience and great audience will hopefully help the current conservation troubles that Africa are in and together both Harry and William can make a difference to the growing poaching crisis.