Introducing Pack for a Purpose

19th May 2011

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Pack for a Purpose – please see as below

Pack for a Purpose® is an non-profit website which provides travellers with an easy and meaningful way to contribute to the communities they visit. The site provides current information about the needs of over 140 community-based projects connected with accommodations across Africa and beyond. The lists of supplies come directly from the projects themselves.

When travelers visit they follow four simple steps. The first step is to select their destination. They then find their lodging which lists the sponsored community project and the needed supplies. Next they choose which supplies they wish to bring with them. 2.27 kgs is recommended. Last they pack them in their luggage and drop them off when they arrive at their lodging.

Pack for a Purpose® is an all volunteer organization. The website was launched in December of 2009 with 25 accommodations. It now lists over 140 and is actively seeking out new projects and accommodations.

Please see their Video