Odzala Discovery Camps

Odazala is situated in and around the Odzala-Kokoua National Park and is made up of three camps – Ngaga, Mboko and Lanko. This is the place to see the magnificent Western Lowland gorillas.

Odazala Discovery Camps – Ngaga, Mboko and Lanko. 

Skilled local trackers will lead you in search of gorillas accustomed (through years of patient research) to being approached by humans. Deciphering barely visible tracks and signs, and keeping an ear open for vocalisations, the trackers have an uncanny ability to anticipate the gorillas’ movements and get you into the best possible viewing positions.
Ngaga Camp – The main activity here is tracking habituated groups of western lowland gorillas through the rainforest. You can also explore the Ndzehe Forest on a network of well-maintained trails, experience night walks – in search of nocturnal primates and other shy forest species and spend time just looking around you at the colours and shapes of insects, seed pods, fungi and orchids
Mboko Camp – the largest camp - is situated along the banks of the Lekoli River and Lanko Camp sits up in the tree tops overlooking the river, which is frequently visited by forest buffalo, forest elephants and spotted hyena.

Many activities at Lango and Mboko are a combination of driving and / or walking and boating. This is to give you access to the most productive and beautiful areas of the Concession, and the best possible wildlife viewing once there. Explorethe nearby bai and walk the 700m nature board walk through the semi flooded forest near Mboko. Drift silently down the Lekoli River, watching out for primates, birds and forest elephant on the bank and spot dwarf crocodiles, forest ducks and kingfishers – and maybe even a hippo.


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