Best places to stay in Sabi Sands - Safari lodges

Best Places To Stay In Sabi Sands - Safari Lodges

Located on the South West border of the famous Kruger National Park, Sabi Sands is contrastingly exclusive as a private reserve whilst still benefitting from the fantastic Kruger game with its unfenced boundaries. The Sabi Sands is definitely the best safari destination of South Africa.

The game viewing in Sabi Sands is great all-year round, although the dry season is generally seen as the best time of year to visit. This is when the bush is at its lowest and when animals tend to congregate around water sources, making photographic opportunities easier when compared to the South African summer months when the foliage is dense and there are numerous water pockets.

The Sabi Sands is famous for its 'Big 5' concentration. Sightings of lion, buffalo, elephant and rhino are all extremely frequent; however what sets the Sands apart from the rest is their leopard sightings. These normally shy and elusive cats have become habituated to having vehicles in their territories so they are very calm and relaxed, even with cubs! This makes for some spectacular sightings. The area is also often frequented by wild dogs and cheetah, making it an ideal location to also tick off the 'Big 7'.

The Sands is split into a number of different properties, all containing luxury lodges that are situated in natural beauty. Their exclusivity means that guest and vehicle density is kept low allowing you to relax in the serenity that nature provides. Some camps do not allow children under the age of twelve to guarantee a sophisticated and calm atmosphere in camp and whilst on game drive. This is certainly worth checking with us if you are planning on travelling to the Sabi Sands with your family.

All the lodges in the Sands are the pinnacle of luxury in the South African safari industry, but of course we do have our favourites, we have listed them below:

Dulini Safari Lodge

Dulini Lodge formerly run by &Beyond is our top pick for a lodge in the western sector of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. Well respected as the reserve to offer the best value in the Sabi Sand, Dulini Lodge is a high spec, top class lodge which offers beautiful accommodation and stunning cuisine. The reserve is a great destination for big game, especially leopard and this lodge remains one of our favourites.

Londolozi Granite

Located in the famous Sabi Sands game reserve, Londolozi Granite Camp is one of the finest game viewing camps throughout South Africa. Famous for the very good leopard viewing at all of the Londolozi properties, Granite is Londolozi’s exclusive and private camp property and one of the Sabi sands most luxurious properties.

Singita Boulders

Located in the Sabi sands reserve to the West of the Kruger itself, Singita’s Boulders Camp is the flagship property of the South African Singita operation and is recognised as one of Africa’s finest properties. With an exceptional level of luxury, service and hospitality Boulders is truly superb and would stake its claim to being one of the worlds finest accommodations, let alone just Africa’s.

Dulini Leadwood

Dulini Leadwood is the most intimate and private of the Dulini properties in the Sabi Sands. It is perfect for larger families or couples, especially those on honeymoon, who want to escape into the African wilderness without any crowds. The smaller lodge size doesn't come at an extra price, making Leadwood the best value property of the three.

Dulini River Lodge

Dulini River Lodge (formerly Exeter River Lodge) is located in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve to the West of the Kruger National Park.  This area of South Africa is well respected as being one of the finest game viewing areas on the planet and Dulini is now owning a number of great properties in the Sabi Sand's western sector. Dulini may not be as luxurious as the Singita’s nearby, but what really sets these lodges apart from their competition however is their price. It is superb value for money considering the level of accommodation on offer.

Lion Sands Ivory Lodge

Lion Sands Ivory Lodge is a boutique safari hotel. Contemporary in style, the lodge would not be out of place were it in the centre of New York! Incredibly fresh design and wall to wall windows revealing the bush beyond, the private pools and amazing bathrooms would be fit for any luxurious city hotel. Without doubt a serious contender for the most luxurious property in the Kruger and one that certainly has the most unique design.

Londolozi Tree

Located in the famous Sabi Sands game reserve, Londolozi Tree Camp is one of the finest game viewing camps throughout South Africa. Famous for the very good leopard viewing at all the Londolozi properties, Tree Camp is Londolozi’s flagship property and one of the Sabi Sands most luxuriuous.

Singita Ebony

Located close to Singita Boulders, Singita Ebony is a much more traditional camp than its super famous neighbour; a seriously good safari camp with the same levels of service and hospitality as Boulders

Kirkmans Kamp

The charming cottages of &Beyond's Kirkmans Kamp overlook the bushveld and beautiful lawns surround the lodge and swimming pool. With spectacular views of the unspoiled landscape surrounding the Sand River coupled with impeccable and gracious service, the sophisticated atmosphere and the spirit of safari really comes alive at this evocative camp.

Leopard Hills

Nestled into the side of an escarpment that offers beauitful views of the Western portion of the world famous Sabi Sands Game Reserve, Leopard Hills safari lodge offers a blend of luxury and the essence of a true safari. Aptly named for its fantastic leopard sightings, those wanting a high class safari experience need look no further.

Lion Sands River Lodge

Designed to offer more affordable accommodation than the nearby Ivory lodge, Lions Sands River lodge is the collections largest hotel and also its most affordable. The accommodation is simpler than the incredibly impressive Ivory Lodge and caters for a less ‘showy’ market. Game viewing in the area is just as good as at Ivory so the lodge is a great option for a more economical trip to the Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

Londolozi Founders

Londolozi’s Founders Camp has a spectacular location on the banks of the Sand River. Its fresh bush bohemian feel gives a nice twist to an African safari lodge. It is situated on the Sand River in the very heart of the Sabi Sands Game Reserve. This reserve in turn forms part of the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park, a vast and growing area, currently covering 6 million acres and incorporating the famous Kruger National Park. This rich, wild wonderland assures exceptional game drives and a true wilderness experience. Breeding herds of elephant and buffalo roam throughout the Londolozi area, while white rhino and lion concentrations are amongst the highest recorded on the African continent. 

Londolozi Pioneer

Londolozi’s Pioneer Camp is located in the Londolozi Reserve in the heart of the Sabi Sands. It helps to form part of the Greater Kruger which is located to the West of the Kruger National Park. Pioneer Camp was recently redesigned and now reflects Londolozi's early history of a bygone era. It is the most secluded of Londolozi's camp and although it is one of Londolozi's more pricey camps, the exclusivity and privacy offered certainly makes it worth it.

Londolozi Varty

Londolozi’s lovely Varty Camp is the original camp at Londolozi, dating back to more than ninety years ago. Although newly refurbished, the chalets are slightly on the small side but offer inter-leading rooms, spectacular river views  and private plunge pools. All rooms have private swimming pools framed by timber decks that overlook the lush riverine bush. The living spaces are raised off the ground and shaded under a cathedral of trees. 

Savanna Private Game Reserve

Savanna Private Game Reserve is situated on the South Western boundary of the Sabi Sands and is one of the best value options in the area. The lodge overlooks endless grassy plains which is host to an abundance of predator and prey animals. Riverine thickets and rocky outcrops also provide gorgeous landscapes in an area where game viewing is often spectacular. 

Tengile River Lodge

Located in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve and nestled into a bend on the Sand River is &Beyond's newest and most luxurious lodge. Tengile River Lodge comprises of nine elegant and modern, secluded suites that all have their own magnificent sweeping views.

Chitwa Chitwa

Chitwa Chitwa is located in a quiet area of the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, on the banks of one of the area's largest perennial water holes (which is home to numerous hippos).  The lodge shares traversing rights with its neighbours and the game viewing in this area is excellent, with plenty of big five.  Chitwa Chitwa welcomes families and children of all ages.

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