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Egypt, with its sunny climate, desert sands and abundant history, art and intrigue is an exciting destination at any time of the year. We thoroughly recommend combining the thrill of ancient Nile culture with some beneficial winter sun.
For thousands of years people have travelled to see the wonders of Egypt for themselves, especially the tombs and temples around Luxor and the pyramids at Giza. The Nile region encompasses an endlessly fascinating legacy of one of the world’s most ancient civilisations, which we continue to discover and understand to this day.
The ancient pyramids are a short drive from the centre of Cairo, the capital city and a truly inspiring gateway to Africa. The Valley of the Kings and numerous great temples are situated around Luxor, and the temples at Edfu and Kom Ombo are well worth visiting, on the way down into the Nubian lands around Aswan. This southern town provides a scenic and quiet point from which to explore and witness the ‘Nubian Treasures’, as named by World Heritage, that can be found from here to Abu Simbel.

With regards to the current political situation, we are currently of the opinion that tourism remains safe and well worthwhile, but will always advise otherwise if the situation changes.
Elegant Egyptian options
Whether you are passing though, on your way to experience more of the vast and exciting continent of Africa, or whether you choose to make Egypt the focal point for travel, there are numerous excellent options for elegant holidays here. It is possible to combine a desire to experience the ancient, historic remains with sunshine and swimming!

Travelling with families and children

Children are often thrilled to visit spectacular tombs and temples, but enjoy the camel riding and water fun almost as much; for those travelling with young children, we recommend limiting your itinerary to select, accessible points of interest and interspersing it with sunshine fun. Nevertheless, Egypt is an inspirational and exciting family destination, malaria-free and easy to navigate. We would probably advise against taking young children on our recommended, small and smart cruises, unless you charter the whole boat with family and friends.

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