When To Go To Zimbabwe

Like most of Southern Africa, Zimbabwe has two distinct seasons, a dry winter and a wet summer. The best time to visit is during Zimbabwe's winter months (British summer) when the weather is not too hot and humidity is at its lowest. After August, the temperature and humidity start to rise rapidly, the rain also start to begin in late November or at the beginning of December.

The Best Time to go to Zimbabwe

There is only one rainy season which lasts for about four months starting in December and ending in March. During this time the weather is wetter yet the rain normally falls in short afternoon showers. Due to the weather at that time of year, you will generally see lower rates at camps and fewer visitors. Some parks do close for parts of the rainy season. If you are after fantastic views of Victoria Falls then April to June is when it is in full flow and provides a brilliant spectacle. The peak months, again mirroring other parts of Southern Africa, are July, August, September and October as this is when game viewing is at its best. June, July and August are when temperatures are generally at their lowest, especially at night whereas during September and October the temperatures become extremely hot and dry with temperatures pushing into the late thirties.

The Best Time to go on Safari in Zimbabwe

Typically, it is the dry season when we would recommend going on safari in Zimbabwe. Between May and October the vegetation starts to thin out and water becomes limited. This consequently means that game congregates nearer to waterholes and game is generally easier to spot. Although November to March is seen as off-peak, the parks are covered in vibrant and lush vegetation and when coupled with low visitor numbers and the rich variety in colourful flora, it is seen as a photographers dream.  


NumberNRainyNDays Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max Temp Day Time (°C) 262626252322212427292826
Min Temp Night Time (°C) 16161412865710131516
Hours of Sunshine Hrs 76789991010986
Hours of Daylight Hrs 131312121111111212131313
Number Rainy Days 17151162111151116
Rainfall (mm) 209181116448222638100179

Victoria Falls

NumberNRainyNDays Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max Temp Day Time (°C) 313031302826262933343331
Min Temp Night Time (°C) 2019181611871015192020
Hours of Sunshine Hrs 7789109101010987
Hours of Daylight Hrs 131312121111111212131313
Number Rainy Days 15131830000031015
Rainfall (mm) 1711407620300012064163

Lake Kariba

NumberNRainyNDays Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max Temp Day Time (°C) 313131312927272933353432
Min Temp Night Time (°C) 222121191512121419232422
Hours of Sunshine Hrs 77891091010101086
Hours of Daylight Hrs 131312121111111212121313
Number Rainy Days 161494100002815
Rainfall (mm) 19515712233500001573187




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Map of Zimbabwe

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