When To Go To Seychelles

The Seychelles in an archipelago of islands that are spread out over the Western Indian Ocean just South of the equator. It boasts a tropical climate with an average temperature of around thirty degrees centigrade all year round. It does however, have a very wet climate, hence the plethora of luscious vegetation that covers its sloping mountains and giant granite boulders. Do not fear, the rain does not often last long, it is normally short and intermittent.  

The Best Time to go to the Seychelles

Although it could rain at any time, the climate in the Seychelles is generally beautiful and perfect for frivolities on the beach. The sea breeze normally provides relief from any humidity creating an ideal environment to relax and take part in any activities. The heaviest rains come in between October and March, reaching its peak in January when torrential downpours are likely. We would therefore recommend avoiding the islands at these times. Between the months of December and March, the winds are at their strongest but May also produces strong winds. In April the rains subside significantly, this is also when temperatures and humidity rise but this is an ideal time to visit as these months represent transition times between hot and humid northwest trade winds. 

The Best time to go Diving in the Seychelles

Scuba diving and snorkelling in the Seychelles should be on anyone's bucket list and although it is possible year-round, the best months are April, May, October and November. This coincides with the islands' best weather when the oceans are crystal clear and tranquil. The remoteness of the islands result in bigger and denser shoals of fish with fewer divers observing them, creating an intimate and personal experience. This combination makes diving a truly magnificent opportunity that should not to be missed.


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Map of Seychelles

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