Where To Go In Africa In May

May sees the continuation of the heavy rains in East Africa making destinations such as Tanzania areas to avoid. Southern Africa has seen the last of its rains and is now starting to feel chillier during the nights but the days are still pleasantly warm. It is at this time of year however, when many of our beach destinations are perfect to visit.

Where to go in East Africa in May?

Rwanda in May: Nyubgwe

If you were to brave the rains and don't mind getting muddy then Rwanda in May is a great time to go gorilla trekking. Due to the abundance of food that the rains bring, the goriallas move down the slopes of the mountains for warmth and to access the vegetation. This can result in shorter treks and the contrasting colours of the flora and fauna make it perfect for photography. If the rain really doesn't put you off then May is also the perfect time to go chimpanzee trekking in Nyubgwe. The abundance of food means the chimps don't have to roam as far to get their fill, this results in treks being more rewarding and easier on the limbs! 

Where to go in Southern Africa in May? 

Mozambique in May

In Mozambique, May is the first month out of the rainy season. This means one thing: sunshine! Although it is beautifully warm during May, humidity levels are not as high as they are earlier in the year, making any visits extremely pleasant. The calm and clear waters make it an ideal location for water-based activities. Mozambique is famous for its scuba-diving potential due to its vast coastline which contains some of the most untouched reefs in the world. There are hundreds of different species of fish, all varying in size and colour which are impossible to miss in the crystal clear waters.

Seychelles in May

May remains one of the warmer months in the Seychelles which means it is ideal for you to grab some rest and relaxation by the beach. The warm and calm weather isn't the only great thing about this time of year. May is the continuation of fantastic diving opportunities in and around the islands. Due to great visibility and ocean tranquillity, snorkelling, scuba diving and swimming are great at this time of year. The remoteness of the Seychelles consequently means that there are bigger and denser shoals of fish with fewer divers observing them. 

Mauritius in May

Due to its lower humidity and warm temperatures, May is the perfect time to visit Mauritius. The hot and humid summer has been left behind and the cooler weather makes relaxing on the beach a dream.  For those who enjoy fitness and marathon run, there is a 22 mile or 50 mile running race that passes through the natural landscape of the island, a feat that upon completion would make anybody proud. 




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