Where To Go In Africa In October

October indicates the end of the dry seasons in Eastern and Southern Africa and game viewing remains very good. In Eastern Africa, the temperatures tend to remain moderate, however in Southern Africa the temperatures and humidity are increase drastically every day making mid-day siestas a must have.

Where to go in East Africa in October?

Anywhere in east Africa in October is fantastic. The only places to be avoided are the very low parks which can be exceptionally hot such as The Selous in Southern Tanzania. Other than this though, The popular parks such as the Serengeti and Masai Mara are exceptional at this time of year. We would particulatly recommend The Serengeti at this time of year because you can get sojme good shoulder season deals, and still be in with a chance of catching the Great Migration river crossings in the north (not to mention the Serengeti's exceptional dry season wildlife!)

Where to go in Southern Africa in October?

South Africa in October: Cape Town

Whilst the majority of South Africa is enveloped in a humid heatwave, Cape Town remains relatively cool and pleasant during October. Throughout this month, the garden route is a popular choice for visitors who want to explore the landscapes of the country. From August until October, the Garden Route is in full bloom and the vibrant flora that is on show demonstrates why it gets its famous name. Driving the three-hundred kilometre route stretches that from the south-eastern coast, all the way to the Eastern Cape is a must for anyone wishing for some breath taking views in a beautiful climate.


Zambia in October

The intensity of heat and humidity rises in October and if you can withstand the climate, safaris in October are known to be some of the most dramatic in Zambia. With extremely limited water and food resources, large animal numbers have to congregate in small proximities. Tempers become flared and aggressive nature is at the forefront of sightings as tensions rise. The commonly witnessed battles between and amongst species, makes for extremely entertaining viewing and wonderful photographic opportunities. 




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