Where To Go In Africa In November

November sees the return of the rains for most of the Southern African countries. In East Africa there November is the start of the short rains. Although most camps stay open, safaris tend to be slightly soggier than in previous months. The possibility of rainfall however dissuades people from visiting at this time of year so if you're after off-peak rates and a lower people and vehicle density then November is the time for you.

Where to go in East Africa in November?

Rwanda in November: Nyungwe Forest

Although gorilla trekking can be undertaken all year round, chimpanzee trekking is best done during the rainy seasons. It is in Nyugwe during November when seeing the chimps is most rewarding. Due to the abundance of vegetation, the chimpanzees do not have to forage far therefore they are easier to locate.

Uganda in November: Bwindi

Just like RwandaUganda is also in its short rainy season and although the paths may be muddy and slippery, the gorillas tend to move down the mountain towards their abundant food source. This possible advantage is that treks may not need to be as long to find the gorillas and the rain shouldn't last too long!

Where to go in Southern Africa in November?

Botswana in November

These are the final few weeks of the dry season. Vegetation is at its lowest and water levels are a shadow of what they were a couple of months ago. The camps offer off-peak rates and the reserves have very few visitors. Game is easy to spot, however temperature and humidity levels continue to rise. As November progresses the threat of rain increases and there is a high possibility of a few downpours before the month is over.

Zambia in November

This is the very end of the dry season in Zambia which is why it is the perfect time to visit the Devil Pool at Victoria Falls. This activity is not for the feint hearted but is great fun for those willing to plunge into a natural infinity pool and look over the edge of the huge falls. This can be done between August and November depending on water levels. This activity is generally not available from December onwards due to the increase in rainfall in the area which sees the river and the falls swell.




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