Where To Go In Africa In April

April sees the rainy season in full flow in East Africa with many camps closing. Southern Africa is seeing the transition from the rainy to the dry seasons and is becoming a great destination. Below are some of our recommendations of where to visit, whether you're prepared to endure the rain or not.

Where to go in East Africa in April? 

Tanzania in April: The Serengeti

Although the majority of camps in Ruaha and Selous are closed during April because of the rain. If you are brave enough to brave the rain then the camps in the Serengeti remain open. At this time, visitor numbers are very low and vehicle density is at a minimum. The migration is really beginning and the herds are all starting to merge together.

Seychelles in April

This is one of the warmest times of the year to visit the Seychelles which means it is ideal for you to grab some rest and relaxation by the beach. The warm and calm weather isn't the only great thing about this time of the year, April signals the start of fantastic diving opportunities in and around the islands. Due to great visibility in the ocean and their tranquillity, snorkelling, scuba diving and swimming are great at this time of year. The remoteness of the Seychelles consequently means that there are bigger and denser shoals of fish with fewer divers observing them.

Where to go in Southern Africa in April? 

Namibia in April

April signifies the end of the change of seasons in Namibia. In this month Namibia is transitioning from its rainy season to its dry season. The landscape that is normally orange and arid has been replaced by patches of green and vibrantly coloured flowers and the weather becomes far more moderate than what is found earler in the year. The rains have cleared the air of any dust and many believe that this is the most beautiful and best time to visit. The high season hasn't kicked off yet either, so visitor numbers are very low and the mixture of wildlife, birds and varying landscapes makes it a great time to travel.

Victoria Falls in April

Due to the regional summer rains, April is one of the best months to view a fully flowing Victoria Falls. The Falls can be seen from Zimbabwe or Zambia with the latter being the preferred option in April. At ground level The Falls can be difficult to view because of the copious amounts of spray created, therefore a helicopter flight is recommended to view The Falls in their full extent. For those wishing to experience the adrenaline fuelled Devil's pool is not open at this time due to the high levels of water. 




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