Where To Go In Africa In August

August is the most popular month for visitors in East and Southern Africa. Throughout safari Africa, every country has exceptional wildlife viewing in this month.. Anywhere you go, you really cannot go wrong" The brilliant game viewing opportunities also coincide with many countries school summer holidays. You can expect visitor numbers to be high in most lodges and family friendly camps are normally booked well in advance.

The best places in East Africa to visit in August 

Tanzania/Kenya in August: The Serengeti, Masai Mara

Whilst the wildebeest continue to cross the Mara River in the Serengeti, the migration starts to spill over into the Masai Mara. At this time of year, visitor and vehicle numbers are at the highest however the reason for this is because of the high density of predators in the area and the common occurrences of predator-prey interactions make this a hugely popular time of year.

Often forgotten, but far more secluded and private are the reserves in the Southern part of Tanzania. Due to the August being in the middle of the dry season, this is when we would recommend visiting Ruaha and Selous. Both reserves boast huge populations of elephant and buffalo although rhino numbers are lacking. Selous is also one of the last strongholds for the African Wild Dog, boasting figures of around four and a half thousand. To visit these reserves at this time of year allows you to escape the crowds and gives you great opportunities for game viewing due to the thin vegetation and limited waterholes. The variety of activities such as boat safaris and fly camping are all great additions that could add to your safari experience. 

Rwanda/Uganda in August

Gorilla trekking really is at its peak here. The vegetation has completely thinned out, however food is now short in abundance for the great apes. This is may mean an extra few minutes of trekking, but it is well worth it. With the foliage being less dense photographic opportunities are at their best.

The best places in Southern Africa to visit in August 

All the southern Africa safari countries are exceptional in this month - Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana are all faulous August safari spots and the wildlife in all these countries will be exceptional. Here is an insight into what its like in August in two countries which offer something slightly different to the classic safari experience; Cape Town in South Africa and the unique Namib desert. 

South Africa in August

Just like its surrounding countries, the North of South Africa (in the Greater Kruger area) is in the coolest month of the year. Days are still warm, however humidity levels are at their lowest and rainfall is just a distant memory. Pale blue skies and golden grasslands mimick the scenery in Tanzania but at night the temperatures can drop to just a few degrees. Game viewing in the Kruger area is brilliant due to the thin foliage and limited water supplies. Cape Town on the other hand is gusty and chilly, however whale watching is very popular at this time of year and the Penguins at SImon's Town are always there.

Namibia in August

This is the most popular time of year to visit Namibia. Water is extremely limited and the desert nights can reach down to freezing. The days are filled with warmth but lack humidity. significantly. Animals tend to congregate in large numbers around the limited water supplies making game viewing easy and animal interaction is a common occurrence and is often between prey and predator. 




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