Where To Go In Africa In July

The safari season is in full swing across Africa. In East Africa the Great Migration is at its most exciting and in Southern Africa, Namibia and Botswana are two polar opposite landscapes attracting an abundance of wildlife for different reasons. 

Where to go in East Africa in July?

Tanzania in July: The Serengeti

Arguably the most renowned moment in the natural world begins during this month. Thousands upon thousands of wildebeest congregate upon the banks of the Mara River, contemplating their fate. With the jaws of hungry crocodiles waiting beneath the murky surface and hungry lions flanking them from the grasslands, the wildebeest have no choice but to make a break for it and try to escape through the river and up onto the other side. A visit to the Serengeti at this time of year is a must for anyone wishing to view the most dramatic wildlife spectacle on earth. 

Zanzibar in July

After an adrenaline fuelled trip to the Serengeti, Zanzibar is the perfect addition to get some rest and relaxation. July sees Zanzibar in the dry season with perfect temperatures and calm, clear oceans. If you are looking for something away from the water activities and beaches then the International Film Festival is certainly worth visiting. Held in Stone Town, the week-long the film festival is the largest multi-disciplinary art and cultural festival in African, celebrating a multitude of art, music and film.   

Where to go in Southern Africa in July?

Namibia in July

Namibia is in the grips of its dry season. The days are pleasantly warm and the nights are chilly. Most water sources have become dry and the vegetation has thinned out significantly. Animals tend to congregate in large numbers around the limited water supplies making game viewing easy and animal interaction is a common occurrence. 

Botswana in July: Okavango Delta

The nutrient rich vegetation that has bloomed due to the Okavango Delta flooding is being taken advantage of. Thousands of animals and birds use the Delta as a temporary home, following the flood water as the outer lying waterholes dry up making spectacular game viewing from by boat or vehicle. Animals such as lions, that tend to hate water, have no option but to wade, waist deep through the flood waters. There are some unbelievable photographic opportunites in Botswana at this time of year that you certainly would not get anywhere else in the world.





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