Where To Go In Africa In December

No matter the weather during December, Christmas is always a hugely popular time to visit Eastern and Southern Africa. Eastern Africa is in its second (and final) month of the short rainy season. Even with the possibility of rain, the beach destinations are still very busy because of Christmas. Any rain that does fall in these areas however, tends to be in short and sporadic showers and therefore doesn't dampen the Christmas spirit too much. Southern Africa on the other hand, is gripped by high temperatures, high humidity levels and is often prone to tropical thunderstorms. 

Christmas Safari Holidays in December

Christmas is a wonderful time of year to be on safari. The intimacy of the lodges make it a truly memorable experience over the festive period and the staff are extra-attentive to your needs. A number of lodges can also cater for large family and friend groups meaning that no-one gets left behind. One thing is for certain, it will be a safari Christmas that you will never forget.  

Christmas in East Africa; where to go? 

Christmas in Tanzania: The Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater

The probability of rain would generally mean that people tend to stay away, but December sees camps as busy as any other time of the year due to the festivities of Christmas and New Year. The wildebeest have followed the rains and are located in the south eastern section of the Serengeti and also spill into the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. They are only a month away from their calving season so bulging bellies are guaranteed for everyone.

Christmas in Uganda: Bwindi

The short dry season in Uganda presents itself as a great time to go gorilla trekking. The foliage is still relatively thin because the long rains haven't arrived yet. Photographing the great apes and finding them is far easier at this time of year and there isn't a better way to spend your Christmas day.

Christmas in Southern Africa; where to go? 

Christmas in Botswana: Nxai Pan

December sees the beginning of the rainy season come into full force throughout Botswana, yet it is the arrival of the rains at Nxai Pan that triggers an annual migration that very few people actually know about. It is at this time of year when the zebra population leave the floodplains of Chobe and head towards Nxai Pan. This annual migration covers so much distance (about two-hundred and fifty kilometres one way) that it is longer than the Great Migration in the Serengeti. The zebras tend to stay in the Nxai Pan and its surrounding areas until the end of February. This mass movement of zebras is a truly remarkable spectacle and a must see for any seasoned safari goer.

Christmas in South Africa: Cape Town

Whilst the Northern part of South Africa is hot and humid with the high probability of rain, Cape Town has beautifully hot and dry weather. With a fantastic climate coupled with the festive period, Cape Town is an extremely busy destination at this time of year, but it is well worth it!




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