When To Go To Mauritius

Completely surrounded by coral reefs and white sandy beaches, Mauritius has a beautiful tropical climate making it warm all year round. It does however, have two distinct seasons although neither are one hundred percent dry. There is a hot and humid summer (British winter) and a cooler, calmer winter (British summer) with the driest period being between August and November. The best time to visit Mauritius is during the British summer months, from April until October when the humidity is low and the weather is calm. The temperature and humidity really start to rise during November as does the likelihood of rain. The Western and Northern coasts are generally warmer and drier year round because they are sheltered, but they can become extremely humid during the summer months.

The Best Time to Visit Mauritius 

Winter in Mauritius (April to October) is the best time for a beach holiday. Although the temperature is slightly lower, it is extremely pleasant due to low humidity and warm temperatures. This allows you to take part in many of the inland activities on offer as well as enjoying the beautiful golden sandy beaches. During July and August, however the Eastern and Southern coasts can be extremely windy so we would recommend avoiding those specific coast lines at that time of year.

As November progresses, we enter Mauritius' summer season. The humidity intensifies and the rains begin. The rains and this climate tend to run through until March and although this is seen as a great time for scuba diving, February is usually the time of year when storms occur, however heavy tropical downpours are common from January through to March especially on the high ground in the east. Due to the intensity and frequency of these storms we would recommend avoiding Mauritius during these months.  


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Map of Mauritius

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