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Video Library

We take film footage of every lodge that we visit, and have visited every lodge that we recommend!

Our strength is our knowledge, and our skill is imparting that knowledge to you. We will give you as much information as possible before you book your holiday, and feel that glossy shots of palm trees, beaches and infinity pools do not always tell the full story... So, we have compiled a film library - all of our own making - to show you what each place is really like, (barring the bobbing around!). There is such a wide range of choice, that it can feel overwhelming. To narrow down your choice, we are happy to give private presentations or go through options with you on the phone.
We are always updating our video file. More recently we have upgraded to HD video and invested in a we hope to provide you with increasingly better quality viewing in the months to come!
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Please note that these are taken by us, by hand, on whatever day we last visited.  They are not professional videos, and we feel that this is their charm ! However, recently, thanks to our aquisition of a new HD camera combined with accumulating experience, the quality of these videos is gradually improving...