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Bwindi Lodge

Set in the hills surrounding the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, there is no better base than Bwindi Lodge from which to explore the surrounding jungle on safari. Set right in the heart of the action and with beautiful views, this cosy lodge is perfect for relaxing after a day trekking to find the incredible mountain gorillas. There are very, very few places left on Earth where such a special experience with an endangered species can be had.


Guide Price: $200 per person

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Bwindi Lodge - The Details

As with all lodges in Bwindi, the main focus really is the mountain gorillas. The Lodge, being separated from the forest by nothing but a stream, often enjoys a visit from the mountain gorillas. On other days, guests may find that they have to trek for a while through the forest to find the gorillas, following the experienced trackers as they lead you and point out many interesting things along the way.
Bwindi lodge itself consists of just 8 stone and timber, thatched roof bandas – built in a very traditional and environmentally conscious way. You can admire the stunning jungle view through the glass frontage, and each banda boasts a fireplace to cosy up to on a chilly mountain night. All rooms are also equipped with an en-suite toilet and shower with hot and cold running water, as well as electricity and a private balcony to relax on. Wifi is available in the main lodge but not in rooms.
The Lodge is owned and operated by Volcanoes safaris, one of our favourite suppliers in East Africa and a company who are very conscientious towards the plight of the gorillas. Their guides are passionate and seriously knowledgeable and it is hard to find as unique an experience anywhere in the world.


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